Integrating artificial intelligence into mobile app development

Businesses have started offering their services via mobile apps, and it requires them to work with an agency that offers app development Birmingham to consider how they can make improvements to their mobile apps. Mobile apps have become the top centerpiece of technological advancement, as it helps with meeting a large scope of consumer’s demand on an instantaneous basis.

There are mobile apps for everything, and they can be used for connecting with your audience or, providing your services to them directly. It has been speculated that an average smartphone user spend 5 hours on mobile apps, which gives business a leverage to promote their mobile apps to their customers.

Nonetheless, the integration of artificial intelligence into mobile apps has increased enormously over the years, and it has curated profitable and business-oriented outcomes. Let’s have a look how the incorporation of artificial intelligence can help with modernizing mobile apps.

Using AI for delivering personalized content

When it comes to artificial intelligence, machine learning is the top-tier uses of AI, as it allows the businesses to remnant through large section of quantitative and qualitative data for making informed conclusions regarding the personalization of content. It is imperative for businesses, as it helps them with analyzing the behavior of a user, and it helps them with looking into the preferences of the users. For instance, a retail app can use machine learning to its advantage to learn more about creating clothing options for a consumer based on its former purchases.

Using AI for responding to your customers

During the mobile app development Birmingham , one is required to use AI to standardize the communication standards between a consumer and a business. A business is often required to attend to multiple queries on a daily basis, and using a mobile app can help them with stipulating a set of frequently asked questions or, you can leave a guideline or e-book for an app user online for abridging communication differences between the two.

Utilizing AI for enabling voice-powered technology

The integration of AI into mobile apps is quite prominent, and it has helped businesses with finding their pace in an online marketplace. It has been reported that voice search is the most common application of artificial intelligence, which has resulted in nearly one billion voice searches on the internet on a monthly basis.

It has also been speculated that nearly 30% of the web browsing sessions would be conducted without typing by the year 2020, and the use of voice search would attribute for the 50% of the searches made online.